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Health Tips every Woman over 30 Should Know:

Health Tips every Woman over 30 Should Know:

Women Health Tips for over 30

All of our lives we as women have certain things drilled into our heads about how we should take care of ourselves. From early on images are formed in our minds about how we should look, feel , etc.  At the end of all of that what matters is how we see and feel about ourselves.  Some of the simplest things can help keep us healthy and on track as we get older.  

1. Sleep
I know you have heard all your life get sleep and you will feel better. It’s actually true! While we sleep our body regenerates our hormones we depleted during the day. Without this process we cannot build muscle. And if we can’t build muscle our body starts to store fat for later (and let’s face it none of us want that.) Plus, if you get your proper sleep you will be more ready to attack the day rather then your pillow.

2. Showers

Ok, I know you shower, But did you know showering has more benefits then just hygiene. If you have problems going to bed you should try taking a hot shower or bath before you go to bed. When you are asleep your body goes threw a cool down cycle. When you are in the shower the hot water make your skin pores open up. This helps the cycle go more efficiently. Plus the hot water helps with your circulation, which can relieve tension and help you to relax.

3. Eat Breakfast

With work, taking the dog out, and trying to get the kids ready for school, mornings can be very busy. You end up skipping it altogether or eating something packed with sugar. 56% of Americans skip and of the 22% are obese. Eating breakfast allows you to eat your high protein foods like peanut butter, eggs, and whole-wheat toast in the morning. Eating high protein foods in the morning will give you energy to get through your day without needing an energy drink or something sugary. It will also hold you over until lunch so you’re not starving and eat more then you need too.

4. Stretch like you’re a rubber band

When you wake up in the morning stretch. Stretching can help with your flexibility, balance, stress, and back problems. When you are stressed out you muscles contract in your body, mainly in neck and back. Stretching can relieve the pain in your muscles by loosening them up. Plus stretching improves circulation, which carries the oxygen to your muscles. As you stretch breathe deeply, calmly and pretend all your problems are melting away. When your done your problems won’t be gone but you will feel refreshed to tackle them.

5. Oh, my back Ache

One out of whack vertebra can lead to digestion issues, bladder problems and much more. Sometimes a simple realigning can relieve many problems. Practicing good posture can help alleviate your pain. If you sit at a desk in front of a computer all day try switching your chair out with a stability ball. Not only will you be practicing your posture but you will be getting a core workout as well. Or if you do not like stability balls try a lumbar cushion to help with your posture.

6. Neurobics

I know, I like saying the word too. It is actually a new word researchers came up with for aerobics of your mind. New studies have shown that spending a couple hours a week on brain stimulating activities can decrease your risk of Alzheimer’s and other similar mental issues. By doing these challenging activities you are strengthening your brain circuits.

7. Vitamin D

According to researchers 77% of people are vitamin D deficient. They have found that almost every part of our body relies on vitamin D. Even though our body makes vitamin D it does not produce enough for us. They have found that being deficient can lead to heart disease, depression, and a weak immune system. They have also found that vitamin D helps produce insulin which could help people with diabetes issues.

8. Pistachios

Pistachios are on their way to being on the super food list. With so many benefits I don’t know where to start. Let’s start with the biggest benefit to cholesterol. Studies show that people with high cholesterol who eat pistachios on a daily basis dropped their overall cholesterol by 6% and their LDL cholesterol by 12%. Studies have also shown that pistachios are loaded with nutrients to help prevent muscular degeneration especially in the eyes. Pistachios are loaded with B6 which helps produce hemoglobin for red blood cells that help keep the lymph nodes on track creating enough white blood cells.

9. Do you love your hair?

I love my hair and I love for it to feel silky smooth. Recently I learned that certain medications for example ibuprofen, anti-depressants, and birth control can damage and even make you loose your hair. Just by making sure you get enough Vitamins A, B, C, E, and Iron can increase the strength and length of your hair. 25% of your hair shaft is made of water and just by being hydrated properly you can ensure better growth and durability of your hair.

10. Make Time

Many of us balance multiple roles; mom, wife, business woman, and everything in between. We often have lists of things we need to get done longer then the hours in the day we have and we push our needs aside. Don’t! This is where we mess up. We must make time to take care of our selves whether it’s in the morning we pamper ourselves as we get ready for they day or taking quiet time at night. If you do not properly take care of your self you will not be able to play the many roles of our lives.

Make a proper daily schedule for your healthy and beautiful life............

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